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Alken provides corporate medical director services including

Alken diagnoses employee health challenges to produce a clear picture of health care cost trends.

An effective solution begins with a good diagnosis. Alken Health Resources helps “put your finger on the pulse of your people” with analysis that encompasses health, wellness and the economics that drive health care costs. Alken is led by Dr. Ken Wells, an expert medical advisor with more than 20 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies contain health care costs, manage risk, and ensure quality health services for employees.

Today, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are particularly affected by health care costs. Smaller businesses pay more than larger firms for the same health insurance4, and are less likely to offer wellness initiatives that can impact health care cost trends.

Charting a new course for health care cost containment

Alken Health Resources empowers executive management to control health care cost trends, based on effective health cost diagnostics and strategies. Alken advises benefits managers and consultants, health insurance brokers and their clients on the course to take under the new health care reform law of 2010.

Alken tailors strategic advisory services and tactical health cost containment programs that are scalable for companies of many sizes. With Alken on the executive team, management knows where to allocate resources to make a difference, for employees and for the bottom line.