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Kenneth D. Wells, MD, MBA For more information on benefit and wellness programs that work for you and your employees, contact us today.

Kenneth D. Wells, MD, MBA
ALKEN Health Resources
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Houston, TX 77254

Kenneth D. Wells, MD, MBA

President, Alken Health Resources

Dr. Ken Wells is a trusted advisor for executive and corporate health management. Today, his unique expertise is very valuable for business executives coping with escalating health care cost trends and the new health care reform law.

His current work focuses on strategic advisory services for health care cost containment and risk management, including guidance he provides to benefits consultants, health insurance brokers and their business clients. One area of innovation is Dr. Wells’ work on medical tourism and the development of domestic and international Centers of Excellence.

Reducing costs, managing risk, and enhancing health care services

For more than 20 years, his knowledge and leadership has produced substantial savings and enhanced efficiencies for Fortune 500 companies in many industry sectors. Dr. Wells’ role is to enable corporate executives to focus on their core business, while reducing costs, managing risk and enhancing health care services for employees.

Clients have included Fortune 500 companies in various industries, including energy, oil and gas, insurance, aerospace and others. He has consulted with major insurance companies, hospitals, NASA and a leading railroad in their efforts to develop innovative health services to improve quality and reduce costs.

A noted authority on corporate wellness and occupational health, Dr. Wells’ expertise is sought by non-profit and educational institutions as well, including The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston; The University of Texas College of Natural Sciences Advisory Council; The Washington Business Group on Health; and The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research. He frequently lectures at universities and health conferences on the topics of health care policy and corporate health cost containment strategies.

Dr. Wells served 12 years in the U.S. Army Reserves and the Texas Army National Guard. His duties included commanding an aviation medicine facility and directing training for emergency medical evacuation and battlefield contingencies. He was previously named the U.S. Army National Guard Flight Surgeon of the Year.