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Risk management is a critical process in all areas of business. Alken engages with executive management to clearly define potential health care challenges and provide solutions for health cost containment and risk mitigation.

An outsourced corporate medical director solution

Serving as an outsourced corporate medical director (CMD), Dr. Ken Wells provides executive management with board-level strategic insight into controlling and managing corporate health care trends. Alken offers outsourced corporate medical director services that

  • provide an intervention point into spiraling health costs,
  • are scalable for organizations of varying sizes (and varying industry sectors),
  • provide executive management with diagnostic metrics and a measurable results,
  • provide functional managers (HR/Benefits, EH&S, Risk Management, GC) with actionable programs,
  • offer affordable options for wellness and health care cost containment, and
  • save corporations money over a period of years.

Introducing MedAdvisor Lite

Alken corporate medical director services are scalable. In addition to the Enterprise Medical Advisor level of service for Fortune 500 companies, Alken now offers MedAdvisor Lite, ideal for small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Contact Dr. Wells today for more information about MedAdvisor Lite or the Enterprise solution.