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Identifying and managing stress

Stress is a quiet contributor to spiraling health costs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor estimates that stress costs businesses more than $300 Billion annually3. Alken identifies stress points in the workplace and will propose an integrated health and wellness solution.

Wellness solutions for health cost containment and risk management

Wellness programs have shown a return on investment between 3x and 15x, according to a policy statement from the American Heart Association6. A key success driver in achieving these results is proper health cost analysis of the workforce, provided by a corporate medical director.

Employee health risk assessments are a key factor, identifying health risks within the workforce that drive up costs (while driving human productivity down).

Alken Health Resources provides both the detailed analysis and strategic insight to management required for wellness solutions to achieve the goals of health cost containment and risk management.

Tailored corporate wellness programs

These are a few examples:

  • Employee health risk assessments identify health challenges
  • Wellness programs address specific health issue(s) that drive business costs
  • Case management services to manage the risk of high-cost outliers
  • Executive wellness and medical care
  • Partnership with EH&S Teams on risk management strategies