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In 2009, U.S. health care costs jumped from 16.2 percent to 17.3 percent of the GDP. If this rate of increase holds constant, it will surpass 20 percent of GDP by the end of the decade. Alken provides tailored solutions for businesses large and small.

The current health care cost trends are unsustainable.

In 2009, healthcare costs jumped from 16 percent to more than 17 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP)1, and these costs are on their way to 20 percent or more of GDP by the end of this decade. Health insurance premiums rose four times faster than the consumer price index (CPI) between 1999 and 20092.

The new health care reform law increases pressure on employers to find health care cost containment solutions.

Alken Health Resources, collaborating with specialized alliance partners, develops corporate wellness solutions, tailored corporate concierge medical and health care services, and corporate medical director services for health care cost containment and risk management strategies.

Example health care cost containment solutions

These are a few of the tailored solutions Alken provides:

  • Group health review/redesign under the new health care reform law
  • Employee health risk assessments and targeted wellness programs
  • Streamline administration of employee health care services
  • Workers comp and occupational health process review
  • Disability case management
  • International travel health services
  • International Medical Centers of Excellence
  • Medical tourism
  • Medical emergency preparation/crisis management planning